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Our Learning Programme

programme guide of gondoana mathamatics

The four areas of learning approach are dependent. They are all critical for the achievement of ideal learning approach


* Individual access to entire syllabus
* Individual access to summary
* Individual access to worksheets
* Individual pace on submitting response to worksheets


* Real-time access to scholar activities
* Identifying areas of challenge on a learner
* Identifying progress of various learners
* Frequency and time dedicated by the learner


* Channel the learner to fundamental modules
* School visits (learner contact tutoring)
* Revision of the worksheets
* Addressing common challenge in tutoring programme
* Mock Exam preparations


System based weekly reports; Monthly report to Department;
Monthly reports to Schools

Benefits of the Programme

* Good opportunity of obtaining bursaries
* None limited entry to career paths
* Improvement on other subjects
* Confidence of the scholars
* Eliminate the phobia of engaging scientific career path