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Online, one-on-one & group sessions for All Grades. The Online is monitored daily, Parents receive weekly Reports & have unlimited realtime access.

Our Philosophy about Mathematics

This Universal Language inherently exists within every human, Investing in it is bringing forth tools that enhance a better understanding of our world and beyond. It is not making it Second Nature but ensuring that we realise it is part of our First Nature already. It is within us, yes, we are Mathematical Beings.

Why Maths?

As it is isolated, it is generally believed it only Exists as a Subject.
It is however a Language or Tool that exists in :
- Research/Investigation
- Music
- Manufacturing/Industry
- Arts
- Technology
- Health Care
- Statistics is a branch of the very Tool
- Agriculture
- Business
- Economics
- Life Sciences
- An Immediate understanding of our Physical world (Physics+Chemistry)
- Architecture
- Geology
- Marketing
- Finance
- Politics
- Vocabulary of other Languages
- The Common Language, the basis of Human interactions.

We are yet to find an Area where it does not exist.

A learner once said, it’s not a requirement in a Management Career, our response : How can you Manage what you cannot Measure?

Projects with maths

It is through different projects that this realisation can become. As a school Subject, it should be of differentiated high standards & compulsory. Humanity, especially the one beyond that age of consent, already has a certain orientation about the understanding of the world in their lives, most of these orientations are listed above. It’s therefore our Quest as GONDOANA to Elicit the mathematical aspect from these Areas.

We cannot excel in this precious life if we do not extract this Gift out of us and use it.